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Crossing the River

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Rid yourself of negative patterns.

  Connect to your Intuition.

Psychology is the science of the mind and human behavior. Psychology studies our mental and emotional states. It is very important to find the negative mental thought patterns rooted in our subconscious minds that cause our unwanted emotional states and behaviors.  Reprogramming ourselves with the positive thought patterns that will lead to creating our desired lives is crucial.

But there is more to life than mental and emotional well being.  There is spiritual well being.  Life takes on more meaning when we live on a spiritual basis, knowing that we are part of a greater whole; knowing that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.  Knowing that we are connected to the Ultimate Intelligence of the Universe.  This connection will bring us more knowledge than any school, any teacher, any book. This is your Intuition. PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL TRAINING reprograms the mind (mental) and connects one to their Intuition (spiritual).  This connection will guide you to all of the resources necessary to reach your goals and to become THE NEW YOU!  A combination of mental and spiritual disciplines can change anything.

Please read the page on this site, "What is Metaphysics" for a more in-depth understanding of how metaphysics, "beyond the physical," combined with basic psychology can change your life.

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