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Connect to your Intuition for daily guidance.

Rid yourself of negative self talk. Create the EXACT life you want.

Lessons in higher consciousness and subconscious reprogramming to guide you to your highest potential.

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Master your thoughts and emotions and create any life you want. It's really that simple, but it's not easy!

Inside of every person is that little spark of Divine Energy that created them. That little spark is Perfection.  It is the core of who you are, who you were before the conditioning of the world and the people in it may have convinced you that you were less. 

No matter how far off the beam you feel you have drifted, no matter how far you believe you are from being the person you want to be, I have complete faith that you can get there; as long as you want the change with all of your heart.

We have all overcome challenges.  We all have childhood traumas, family issues, dysfunctions, diseases, addictions, and insecurities.  I have overcome growing up in a broken home, family alcoholism, constant moving in my formative years, and more. I was programmed to look for love in all the wrong places and look for happiness in the wrong things.  

My experiences prove that a person can be transformed from the inside out and can create a life beyond their wildest dreams.  The only one stopping you is you.  Transformation is a discipline. 

My name is Susan Mattson.  I am a graduate of the University of Sedona. Once I saw metaphysics transforming my life, I wanted all the knowledge I could get on the topic, which led me to the University.  Or should I say something inside of me led me.

I want to help people transform their lives. If you are on this site, chances are you want change in your life and you need some guidance. Start reading! This site is full of free guidance on mastering your thoughts and emotions and taking charge of your life.

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